Grounded in the Basics

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We blend the tried-and-true with today’s best.

There’s more to consulting than a simple soil test. We use both time-honored techniques and modern technology to develop nutrient recommendations to improve your specific farm’s productivity and profitability. It’s time to take the guessing game out of soil fertility.

Soil Nutrient Balance

Soil Nutrient Balance

A solid foundation supports a stable house. The same holds true for soil. When the ground is improperly balanced or stripped of nutrients, your yield suffers. Soil testing looks at pH, nutrients, and much more, taking the guesswork out of fertilizer choices.

GPS-linked Recommendations

GPS-Linked Recommendations

Even within one field, soil types and nutrient needs can vary greatly. It’s no wonder farmers struggle to decide which fertilizers to use where. Looking at soil variability and field histories, we create a detailed map outlining your field’s specific needs acre by acre.

Field Monitoring

Field Monitoring

You’ve got enough on your plate just keeping your operation running smoothly. That’s why we don’t just give recommendations. We roll up our sleeves, get in your fields, and track your progress throughout the seasons, so you can rest easy and focus on what matters.

Client Consultations

Client Consultations

Navigating soil fertility can be confusing and overwhelming—and frankly, it’s just one more thing on your already massive to-do list. As a trusted partner, we sit down with you and talk simply and honestly. We get to know you and your goals, and develop a plan that fits you and your operation.


    We’re fully independent—listening only to what you need, not what sales reps say.


    A robust harvest starts from the ground up with our seasoned insights and balanced nutrients.


    After a long day in the field, you can rest easy knowing your soil is in good hands.


Soil Fertility for the Win

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Beyond Better Yields

Sure, we all want increased yields. And it stands to reason improved soil fertility should produce more bushels per acre. But at Nicholson, we’re about so much more than that. We’re long-term partners committed to the fundamentals—trust, credibility, and hard work.

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Advice Built on Experience and Integrity

We love working with suppliers and vendors in the industry. But as independent consultants, we stand firmly on making autonomous recommendations on the basis of expertise and science alone, not vendor relationships.


Finding the right balance

The science of soil balance isn’t a new one. Midwestern researcher and agronomist Dr. William Albrecht presented research behind soil balance and its impact on crops and human health in the early to mid-twentieth century.

Today, we know the three parts of soil—physical, biological, and chemical—directly impact the health of your crops. Depleted nutrients and soil imbalance causes poor yields and sick livestock. But when soil is properly balanced, crops can reach their full genetic potential, giving you the yields you’ve been hoping for.

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